What are the benefits?

Capoeira is a great way to exercising the body and mind. You will develop your upper body, abdominal and lower body muscles. With regular practice, Capoeira will also increase your awareness, speed, agility and flexibility. The acrobatic movements you learn will help improve your balance and coordination. Practicing and playing against an opponent will improve your concentration and focus, and playing music will boost your sense of rhythm. There is also a strong social side to G.U.C. We organize social events throughout the year, as well as workshops and trips to visit groups in other countries. G.U.C. is part of the global group with sister schools in Brazil, Bosnia, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Qatar, Serbia and United Kingdom . So becoming a member of our group means joining a truly international family! Awareness, Speed, Strength, Agility, Flexibility, Balance, Coordination, Concentration, Rhythm.