As other martial arts, Capoeira has a system to grade student’s progress. Each group has its own colours and students can only change their cords at a Batizado or Troca de cordão ceremony, which is normally held once a year.

Capoeira União has the following cordas:

1st Azul (Blue)
2nd Azul/Branco (Blue/White)
3rd Marron (Brown)
4th Marron/Branco (Brown/White)
5th Cinza (Grey)
6th Cinza/Branco (Grey/White)
7th Laranja  (Orange)Estagario
8th Laranja/Branco (Orange/White)
9th Verde (Green) – Instrutor
10th Verde/Branco (Green/White)
11th Amarelo (Yellow) – Professor
12th Amarelo/Branco (Yellow/White)
13th Roxo (Purple) – Contra-Mestre
14th Roxo/White (Purple/White)
15th Vermelho (Red) – Mestre