Our history

Capoeira Uniao is part of the international Grupo Uniao Na Capoeira, with affiliated schools in Brazil, Portugal, Norway and Canada. Capoeira Uniao began in London in 1999 under the instruction of Paulo Silva. The group continues to grow and we now have other branch in Luton. We travel around the world for festivals, workshops and competitions. The groups name Capoeira Uniao reflects its philosophy; that of people united through Capoeira. We hold workshops and an annual grading “Batizado” to help our students appreciate the techniques, music and history of Capoeira. We aim to promote our profile in the community through workshops, performances at music festivals, weddings, night clubs, music videos and private parties. Enrolment continues to steadily increase with over 70 students from different countries and backgrounds. We are always looking to engage new students and welcome anyone to come along and try one of our classes.