Teachers and instructors

Paulo Silva “Professor Dacor” began studying Capoeira since 1993 with Master Tucas and Master Umoi from Grupo Uniao Na Capoeira in Lisbon, Portugal. He moved to London to attend university and undertook a degree in Sport Studies, B.A. Hons and trained as a Fitness Instructor (YMCA personal trainer, Level 2). With his studies, he has been able to incorporate modern techniques to his Capoeira training. Dacor has had the opportunity of travelling to Brazil, Africa and Europe to further his Capoeira practice. From his contemporary knowledge and training in the ancient practises of Capoeira, Dacor has developed a philosophy for training. He believes Capoeira should no longer be taught according to the traditional individual notions of Capoeira Angola or Capoeira Regional and instead capoeiristas should be able to play to whichever rhythm the berimbau calls. His coordinator is Master Tucas from Grupo Uniao Na Capoeira.

Vincent Cullane “Instructor Carpinteiro”
started Capoeira after seeing it being played on the beach, he joined his first class in 2001 with Professor Dacor and never looked back. He has played and trained Capoeira throughout Europe and travelled to Brazil to enrich his knowledge of Capoeira and Afro-Brazilian culture. Carpinteiro began teaching capoeira with Uniao in 2008 under the supervision of Mestre Tucas and Professor Dacor. His energy, vitality and commintment supports and enriches the growth and continual development of the group, his energy and style helps make Capoeira Uniao the unique group that it is.

Peter Kelley “Instructor Dois Metros” began training Capoeira in 1999, under the instruction of Professor Dacor of Capoeira Uniao. He is passionate about Capoeira and actively promotes the art form in the community through workshops and performances. He has travelled extensively throughout the Caribbean, Brazil and Nigeria, developing his interest in African artistic expression within the Diaspora. He believes Capoeira to be a celebration of life, and a unifying force.

Ivan Muñoz “Instructor Aranha”
started training Capoeira in Barcelona, Spain, in 2004. He attended his first class and was instantly hooked to it. He first joined the group Senzala, under Profesor Lau Santos. When the latter left for Brazil, Aranha joined the group Cativeiro and trained Capoeira Angola with Contramestre Gil Maciel. In 2007 Aranha moved to the city of Almería, in Southern Spain, where he joined the group of Capoeira Regional Porto da Barra, training for three years under Profesor Freddy Negrão. In 2009 Aranha arrived in the UK, and quickly started training with Dacor in Luton. Besides Spain and the UK, Aranha has attended workshops in France, in the Netherlands and in 2008 he travelled to Brazil, where he trained in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia. Aranha is passionate about Capoeira. He enjoys each and every side of it: the sport, the martial art, the dance, the body language and drama, the music, as well as its philosophy and history. He was awarded the grade of ‘Estagiário’ by Mestre Tucas in 2012.

Instructor Novato started playing capoeira in Lisbon in 1999,he followed the steps of his older brother Tizil. He first started training with Mestre Maclau from grupo União Na Capoeira. He was fortunate to have other great mestres around him such as, Mestre Umoi, Mestre Tucas, Mestre Ulisses and Mestre Jerusa. After seven years with GUC, Novato moved to England and started training with his old friend, teacher Dacor who also left GUC and was now in charge of Capoeira União UK. Novato has been with our group for the past ten years, the last three as an Instructor. He has travelled around the world in search for different capoeira experiences and has a lot to share. He also thinks that everyone has a place in capoeira regardless of ability or age.

Dante ” Graduado Pedra” started Capoeira after a capoeirista  helped him prepare for a title MMA fight. He subsequently won that fight and never forgot about capoeira. He joined Capoeira Uniao in 2002 and under the instruction of Professor Dacor and Instructor Dois Metros has managed to transcend from the world of MMA to capoeira without great difficulty. He embraces the fundamental martial aspects and philosophical values of capoeira which have enriched his life and that of the people he has met. Dante has travelled extensively around the world including Brazil, Portugal and Africa in pursuit of Capoeira. His unique rigid style and infectious singing adds another bow to this diverse group.